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AfrikaOnline and SGR terms and conditions

AfrikaOnline is lid van het Stichting Garantiefonds ReisgeldenAfrikaOnline is affiliated with Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR)
Under number 2849.

Within the limits of the SGR Guarantee Scheme, the tours published in this program / on this website are covered by the SGR guarantee.

The SGR guarantee means that the consumer is insured to recover his prepaid travel fee if his other party is unable to meet the agreed consideration by financial inability. To the extent that the agreement includes transportation and the destination has already been reached, care will be taken for the return journey.

For more information about warranty arrangements, see www.sgr.nl.

Terms / AfrikaOnline

These terms and conditions apply to all services and agreements of Holiday Accommodation v.o.f. , AfrikaOnline. The terms apply in so far as they do not violate mandatory law. The nullity of one or more provisions does not affect the validity and application of the remaining provisions.

Article 1 - Establishment of a travel agreement
1.1 The travel agreement is made by accepting the travel agency's offer by the traveler. In case of written notification, the date of receipt of the fully completed and signed application form is the date of the travel agreement. If the traveler is underage, the application form must also be signed by a parent or guardian of the minor.

1.2 The travel agency's offer is free of charge. The offer may be revoked when accepted or immediately thereafter.

1.3 The content of the travel offer is determined by the information published on the website or in other publications of travel agency travel. Apparent errors or mistakes in a publication do not bind the travel organizer. The travel organizer can not be held in the content of information material issued under the responsibility of third parties.

1.4 A traveler acting on behalf of or in respect of another traveler (s) a travel agreement is jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising therefrom. The traveler referred to in the preamble of this paragraph is obliged to announce relevant personal circumstances of the other travelers that may affect the performance of the travel agreement (such as age, disability) at the time of notification.

1.5 If the traveler makes known certain preferences regarding the services to be provided by the tour operator, such as, for example, preference for a particular seat in an airplane, the location of a hotel room, etc., with the specified preference As much as possible. However, no rights may be deducted, despite any mention of travel documents and booking forms.

Article 2 - Payment
2.1 When the travel agreement is reached, the traveler must pay a deposit of 10% of the travel amount, amounting to € 5, - rounded up. If for certain trips a minimum deposit is required, which differs from the aforementioned, the travel organizer will clearly state the travel offer. In that case, the deviating amount will be required as a required deposit. At the same time as the deposit is due, the applicable premium for cancellation insurance must be paid.

2.2 The remainder of the travel fee must be paid no later than 56 days before the commencement date of the trip. Upon completion of the travel agreement within 56 days prior to the commencement date of the trip, the full travel fee must be paid within eight days of the invoice date.

2.3 If different travel terms apply to certain trips, this will be stated in the brochure or other published travel offers of the travel organizer. In that case, the different payment terms will apply.

2.4 Non-timely payment may, after summation, result in immediate termination of the travel agreement by the travel organizer. In that case, the provisions relating to cancellation by the traveler will apply and the already paid part of the travel amount will be settled with the cancellation fees.

2.5 If the traveler has not met his financial obligations in good time, he is liable for interest at the rate of 1% per month for each month or part of a month of delay. In addition, he is required to pay the collection fee of 15% of the advanced, with a minimum of € 100

Article 3 - Travel expenses
3.1 The published travel rates are per person and include only the services and facilities as described in the arrangements in the travel organizer's publications.

3.2 The amount of published travel rates is based on prices, money rates, fuel prices, taxes and taxes, as known to the travel organizer at the time of printing. The travel organizer reserves the right to increase the travel fee, as a result of increases in the above-mentioned prices, even six weeks before the date of departure, as far as already agreed travel agreements are concerned. Only in case of an extreme increase in fuel costs, the tour operator may depart from this provision up to 20 days before the date of departure. In case of an increase in the travel price, the travel organizer will always indicate how this increase has been calculated.

3.3 If the entire travel price is not timely, the travel organizer has the right to increase the travel fee up to 20 days before the start of the trip due to changes in transport costs (including fuel costs), the taxes payable and the applicable exchange rates . The travel organizer will indicate how the increase has been calculated.

Article 4 - Travel time and travel program
4.1 The travel time specified in the publication of the tour operator is indicated throughout the day, with the day of departure and arrival, regardless of the time, counted as whole days. In contravention of the times stated in the publication and the times mentioned in the travel documents, the latter is decisive.

4.2 Incidental or structural changes in timetables and schedules of carriers may affect the dates of departure, arrival or journey time. As a data of departure, arrival or travel time, the information provided by the tour operator is always valid, or the data based on the timetables and schedules changed by the carrier. Therefore, in the execution of the travel agreement, there can never be any delay for which the travel organizer is liable. Subject to claims on the travel and / or cancellation insurance that may be canceled by the traveler, the traveler is not entitled to a refund of a part of the travel sum if the time of departure due to the said changes does not deviate more than 36 hours from the original date. If during the trip it appears that these travel changes are extended, the cost of additional accommodation will be charged by the traveler. This can attempt to recover the additional costs from the carrier. The tour operator is liable for damage resulting from his or her actions or negligence only if this is due to his own gross debt or intent.

Article 5 - Luggage, travel documents and travel documents
5.1 The traveler must be in possession of all required valid travel documents, such as, eg, world passport, visa, vaccination certificates, etc. Upon departure, due to the importance of this, the traveler shall provide the general information provided by the tour operator with the relevant Authorities and institutions to check for appropriateness, completeness and actuality.

5.2 The travel organizer is not liable in case the traveler is unable to participate in the trip or parts thereof due to shortcomings in his travel documents.

5.3 Unless otherwise agreed, the travel documents (tickets, vouchers, etc.) are sent to the traveler 14 days before departure. The traveler who has not received the necessary travel documents in good time is obliged to notify the travel organizer no later than five days before departure.

5.4 The travel organizer is not liable for loss, damage or loss of luggage, travel documents and travel documents.

Article 6 - Changes made by the traveler
6.1 The traveler may request to amend the travel agreement. If the request for amendment does not have the character of a cancellation and if the service providers involved in the travel application agree to the request, the change may be made up to 42 days before departure.

6.2 The change costs are € 70 (excluding VAT) per change, plus any additional communication costs and additional booking costs.

Article 7 - Cancellation by the traveler
7.1 Cancellation of the travel agreement by the traveler must be confirmed in writing. The postmark date is the date of cancellation. In case of cancellation, each traveler owes the following amounts:

Up to 56 days before departure date: 20% of the travel fee
From 56 days to 42 days before departure date: 30% of the booking fee;
From 42 days to 28 days before departure: 50% of the travel fee;
From 28 days to 14 days before departure date: 75% of the booking fee;
From 14 days before departure to departure: 100% of the travel fee;
From the day of departure 100% of the travel fee.
NB. One can cover this risk by cancellation

7.2 A traveler who is prevented from taking part in a trip and who is not entitled to compensation for cancellation costs on account of cancellation insurance may allow another suitable person to take his place on the following conditions:

That the service providers involved in the execution do not oppose their deployment; Alteration costs or additional booking fees are at the expense of the traveler;
That the other person complies with all conditions attached to the travel agreement;
The other person receives a written statement that he has learned of the travel program, the information provided by the tour operator and the terms and conditions;
D. That the request is submitted no later than 14 days before departure.
7.3 The passenger and the person in charge of the passenger are jointly and severally liable to the travel organizer for payment of the invoice outstanding at the time of the in-place location and the possible additional cost of the replacement.

Article 8 - Changes by the travel organizer
8.1 The local circumstances in the special destinations and the adventurous nature of the travel offered by the tour operator may include adjustments in the travel program before or during the trip. Changes in travel plans due to persistent adverse weather conditions are also covered by the operation of this article. The adjustments may involve departing from another airport (within reasonable limits), which may be traveled with another carrier, if possible, by the same type of transport, etc. The travel organizer undertakes to take into account possible adverse effects To limit the traveler as much as possible. Such adjustments in the travel program may in exceptional cases result in departures, excursions, accommodation and local transport from what is stated in the publication. In this case, the travel organizer is obliged to offer alternatives to the traveler as much as possible to enable the traveler to travel. Under these circumstances, the travel organizer and traveler may make new arrangements regarding the relevant part of the travel agreement, which will be considered as part of the original travel agreement.

8.2 The amendments mentioned in article 8.1 will be considered as amendments within the meaning of Art. 505 BC (Book 7). The traveler can only reject the change if there is no reasonable alternative and if the change has a disadvantage of more than minor significance. The said changes will not affect the travel fee unless otherwise agreed, nor will the traveler have a claim for damages to the travel organizer on those grounds.

8.3 The tour operator has the right to change the travel agreement on a substantive basis for important reasons. In that case, the traveler is entitled to an alternative, at least equivalent travel, or to a refund (of the already paid part) of the travel allowance or a proportionate amount thereof in case the trip has already been partially enjoyed. If the traveler wishes to make use of his right to refund, he must inform the travel organizer within 48 hours of notification of the change.

8.4 All changes to the Travel Agreement referred to in Article 8 and the circumstances that caused the reason shall be communicated to the traveler without delay.

8.5 If the changes mentioned in Article 8 occur after departure of the traveler, the travel organizer will ensure that appropriate alternative measures are taken with regard to the continuation of the journey. In case it is impossible for the tour operator to make such arrangements or in case the traveler does not accept the alternative arrangement for sound reasons, the travel organizer will ensure that the traveler returns to the place of departure or to another Agreed place of return.

Article 9 - Termination by the travel organizer
9.1 The travel organizer can only terminate the travel agreement because of important circumstances, which are immediately notified by the traveler, which may not be required by the tour operator to be bound by the travel agreement. In this case, the traveler is entitled to a least equivalent alternative trip or to a refund of (the already paid part) of the travel sum or a proportion of the travel as a part of the trip.

9.2 The travel organizer has the right to cancel the travel agreement without being liable for any damage in case:

The number of entries is smaller than the minimum number stated in the publication and the cancellation is made within the stipulated time limit;
In case of force majeure, including abnormal and unforeseen circumstances, which are independent of the will of the person who invokes it and whose consequences could not be avoided despite all precautionary measures. Force majeure means, inter alia, circumstances such as political unrest, war, natural disasters, scarcity, general strikes, etc. In determining force majeure, local circumstances will be taken into account in the particular travel destinations to which the travel agreement relates.

Article 10 - Liability of the tour operator
10.1 Subject to the provisions of this article elsewhere, the travel organizer is liable for the proper performance of the obligations arising from the travel agreement. The obligations arising from the travel agreement include the expectations that the traveler could reasonably have on the basis of the travel organizer's publications, taking into account facts of public awareness regarding the particular destinations. The implementation of the travel agreement should also be evaluated on the basis of the practices, the state of the art and the constraints and habits that entail the special destinations and the adventurous nature of the travel agency's travel.

10.2 The tour operator is not liable for damage resulting from:

Shortcomings in the performance of the travel agreement based on circumstances attributable to the traveler, including damages resulting from the health condition of the traveler;
Acts and influences of third parties not directly involved in the execution of the agreement;
Circumstances that can not be attributed to the travel agency's fault and / or under the law or the social standards can not reasonably be attributed to the travel organizer.
10.3 Unless otherwise provided in these Terms, the Travel Organizer does not accept liability for damage for which travel and / or cancellation costs cover insurance unless the damage is due to the intentional or gross negligence of the travel organizer.

10.4 In case the travel organizer can be held liable for the loss of travel pleasure, or for damage suffered by the traveler in the pursuit of his profession or business, the fee shall never exceed the travel amount at most once.

Article 11 - Obligations of the traveler
11.1 The traveler is obliged to follow all directions to promote the proper conduct of the trip of the travel organizer or travel guide. The traveler is liable for damage caused by non-compliance with this obligation.

11.2 If the traveler obstructs such an obstacle or a hamper that greatly complicates the execution of the trip, he may be excluded by the travel organizer or the tour operator from further participation. If and to the extent that the consequences of the obstacle and the burden can be attributed to the traveler, all resulting costs will be charged.

11.3 The traveler must check the exact time of departure at 72 hours before the stated time of departure of the return journey with the relevant airline. In this case and / or in case the traveler departs during the journey of the itinerary or withdraws from the guidance of the tour guide and is not present at the correct times of transport, the consequences will be entirely borne by the traveler. Nor can the refund for non-enjoyed parts of the trip be granted in the latter case.

11.4 The travel agency's obligation to provide assistance and assistance to the emergency traveler is severely hampered if no assistance can be found on the assistance of a S.O.S centralized travel and baggage insurance. The traveler is therefore obliged to cover a comprehensive insurance coverage for risks covered by current travel accidents and luggage insurance.

The traveler must safeguard the travel agent for the consequences and damage resulting from the fact that the passenger has not concluded adequate travel accidents and luggage insurance.

Article 12 - Complaints
12.1 Any complaints that exceed the level of a single qualification or qualification must be submitted to the travel organizer as soon as possible in the place of destination and / or at the place where the complaint was made, and, if applicable, to the extent possible with The service provider concerned. If the complaint on the spot can not be handled satisfactorily, the traveler may lodge the complaint within a month of return in the Netherlands in writing and in writing. In case the trip has not found a passage, the period of one month will be entered upon notification of the facts to which the complaint relates, no later than the day of the original departure date.

12.4 The travel agreement and all the obligations arising therefrom are governed by Dutch law.

Last change: March 2015

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