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Discoverer DC 4x4 terrain car with camping equipment

A model that many have been waiting for! A 4X4 with two roof tents on the reliable Hilux 4X4 pick up. Automatic gearbox and equipped with a reversing camera, a snorkel, extra spacious roof tents and a 160 liter fuel capacity. Adventure and ease of adventure travel become a habit.

Discoverer DC 4x4 automaat met daktenten


4 persons
Year built from 2016

4 adults
Toyota Hilux 3000cc
Diesel 4-cylinder
Manual or automatic gearbox with high and low gearing
80 lt dieseltank & 88lt reserve tank
50 l water tank
Radio / CD / MP3
40 lt fridge / freezer
12V Band Compressor
2-drawer storage facility
2 bucket seats with rear seat in the cabin
Dual battery system
Fire extinguisher
Cabin airco

Foldable with mosquito bush on tent frames
140cm wide and 210cm long

Tent bed: 140 x 210 cm
Length: 5260 mm
Height: 1920 mm with roof tent
Width: 1835 mm


RENTAL PERIOD VALID FROM 01/11/2016 TO 31/10/2017

Rental rates South Africa - Namibia in Euro

Rental period3 - 7 days8 - 28 days29 days or more
Insurance optionminimidimaximinimidimaximinimidimaxi
NOV 2016-MAY-JUNE-JULY-AUG124,-146,-n.v.t.120,-143,-149,-117,-139,-145,-
DEC 2016-JAN-FEB-MAR-APRIL116,-138,-n.v.t.112,-135,-141,-109,-131,-137,-

RENTAL PERIOD VALID FROM 01/11/2017 TO 31/10/2018

Rental rates South Africa - Namibia in Euro

Rental period3 - 7 days8 - 28 days29 days of more
Verzekering optieminimidimaximinimidimaximinimidimaxi
NOV 2017-MAY-JUNE-JULY-AUG129,-152,-n.v.t.126,-148,-154,-122,-145,-150,-
DEC 2017-JAN-FEB-MAR-APRIL120,-142,-n.v.t.116,-138,-145,-112,-135,-141,-



The above prices are in EURO and per day. The first and last days are calculated as a whole day. Prices may change due to price fluctuations and are subject to interim adjustments.

Low season:
To qualify for the low season rates, the entire rental period must be within the low season. If not, you will unfortunately pay the high season rates.

For rent of 3 to 7 days, a limited mileage (220 km per day) is included in the travel price (each additional km is calculated a ZAR 4, - per km). From 8 days rent is an unlimited mileage included in the travel price.

Manual or automatic gearbox:
For Discoverer 4 and Discoverer 6, it is possible to rent a camper with automatic gearbox (limited available). This applies to a surcharge of ZAR 96, - per day per camper.

The above prices include insurance with various cover options.
Basic CDW mini option: In case of damage, you will retain an own risk of ZAR 53,000, -
Extra CDW midi option: reduces own risk to ZAR 19,000, - (valid from 8 days rent)
Extra CDW maxi option: reduces own risk to ZAR 0, - (All incl. Cover) (valid only in ZA)

One way surcharge:
If you return the camper to a location other than the camper, you must pay a so-called "one way drop off fee". The cost for this drop off cost is within South Africa ZAR 4990, - per camper if picked up and delivered to either Johannesburg or Cape Town. If you pick up the camper in Johannesburg / Cape Town and ship in Windhoek, the drop off costs are ZAR 5420, -. Drop off for other places are available on request. If you pick up and drop the camper in the same place there are of course no drop off costs.

Cross border surcharge:
Driving with the campers is permitted in the following countries; South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. If you want to cross a country border with the camper, a cross border surcharge of ZAR 1000 must be met - no cross border surcharge applies for Swaziland.

Administration fees are calculated in case you receive a ZAR 150, - per case approval

LCD portable DVD player (rechargeable at 12V ZAR 150, - per week
GPS device with charger ZAR 45, - per day
Gas barbecue ZAR 45, - per week
Binoculars 10x50 ZAR 45, - per week
Double bed including sleeping bags and mattresses ZAR 45, - per week
Baby chair (up to 3 years) ZAR 45, - per week
220V Electric heater ZAR 45, - per week
Gas barbecue ZAR 45, - per week
GSM phone ZAR 15, -per day incl. Insurance

Transfer cost on arrival:
Johannesburg Airport ZAR 140, - per person
Hotel in JNB within 10 km of the airport ZAR 140, - per person
Cape Town airport - rental depot ZAR 250, - per person
Hotel in Cape Town to rental depot ZAR 250, - per person
Windhoek airport or hotel ZAR 160, - per person
Sun and public holidays ZAR 350, - per rental contract

After transfer of the camper at the end of the trip, free transfer to the airport from the rental depot.

Price for other transfer costs available on request.

Discoverer DC 4x4 voor maximaal 4 personenDiscoverer DC 4x4 dag en nacht indeling


4 x breakfast and large plates (no plastic)
4 x cups
4 x soup bowls (no plastic)
4 x wine, beer, lemonade, whiskey glasses
7 x plastic containers of various sizes
1 x shed
1 x cutting board
4 x spoons, forks, knives

4 x steak knives
1 x soup spoon, peeling knife, bread knife, spoon set, mixer, shave
1 x thermos bottle, teapot, water bottle, ashtray
1 x barbequetang, can opener, corkscrew, scissors, skewers, cheese shavings
1 x kettle
1 x pan
3 x pots
1 x bucket, wasteil
1 x wiper and can, laundry and pinch
1 x three-way plug
8 x clothes hangers
1 x dishwashing
1 x bread tray
1 x duvet, duvet cover, blanket, 2 pers. Sheet, dishcloth, mop
4 x pillows, pillowcase
2 x kitchen towels, tea towel
2 x towels
2 x bath towels
4 x camping chairs
1 x camping table
1 x water bottle
1 x tool, jack / extension cable, danger triangle
1 x gas bottle
1 x fire extinguisher

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