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4 Seasons Rent a Car Cape town


4 Seasons car hire in Cape Town

The leading provider of car rental, campervans and all-wheel drive vehicles offers best service at low prices.

For more than ten years, the car hire company 4 Seasons has been advising its customers - with attention to detail.
Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, 4 Seasons knows exactly what you need on your Roadtrip through South Africa. And everything is possible: from the camper to the all-wheel drive, which drives you safely through the most bumpy desert.

Wouter Evers, 4 Seasons owner, founded this company back in 2005. At that time, he was frustrated because there were many car rental companies in Cape Town, but no good service. And so he started his own company, which is always ready for every Cape Town stay: Whether it is for short breaks, swallows, who spend the European winter in Cape Town, whether for adventurers or for students, Wouter Evers made it a task to be a good company With good service.

4 Seasons has car rental stations in South Africa Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Swaziland. The rental car can be picked up at one place and delivered to another location. For all those who make a Roadtripp through South Africa, this service is optimal.

We reveal why rental cars from 4 Seasons are a good choice for your trip to Cape Town and South Africa.

7 good reasons to rent at 4 Seasons

1. The employees of 4 Seasons keep their promise. The company invests time and energy to meet individual customer requirements. They also speak several languages, including English, German, Dutch, Afrikaans and Spanish. They like to run an extra mile, know everything about their rental car and also organize a "meet-and-greet" at the airport.

2. The company's car pool covers a wide range of new, clean and well-maintained vehicles. You need a small Chevrolet Spark or Kia Picanto? Or a medium-sized Toyota Corolla or Honda Ballade? Or a motorhome or Ford Ranger with all-wheel drive? For 4 Seasons is not a problem. Whether automatic or manual transmission - everything is possible, clean and in good condition. The rental cars are equipped with air conditioning, radio and airbags.

3. The 4 Seasons website is highly user-friendly. In just three steps everyone can book their car hire in Cape Town online: select date, choose pick-up location, determine vehicle, done.

4. 4 Seasons is not just a rental car rental. It is tied to a tourism company and offers whole vacation packages. For campers and those who want to make a round trip through South Africa it is interesting because 4 Season is there to help you plan your trip.

5. The kilometers are free at 4 Seasons. The longer the lease, the more favorable the rate. Long-term tenants and loyal customers are included in a bonus program. If you want to book a camper, you can assume that the camping equipment - including crockery, cutlery, outdoor chairs and tables as well as beds is complete.

6. Verification is included. From scratches on the door to third parties - 4 Seasons cares.

7. Customers receive 24-hour road assistance without extra charge. Since 4 Seasons only offers reliable cars, the chance to experience a breakdown or similar is rather small. But in the case of the case, everyone can be sure that 4 Seasons does not leave you left behind - and not at all on the roadside. Customers of the company get quick and free help, regardless of where they are in South Africa (or in the other countries that run the company) and no matter what day or nighttime.

Requirements to rent a vehicle at 4 Season

Everyone who wants to rent a vehicle at 4 Seasons:

21 years old or older, 23 years if Wohmobile udn 4x4s are rented.
Have a valid driving license (at least two years).
To be in possession of a credit card.
In possession of an international driving license (only for rental of 4x4 vehicles and camper vans).
How to rent a vehicle at 4 Seasons

To book a car or 4x4 car at this company, please visit www.4seasons-car-rental.com, call +27 (0) 21 855 5691 or send an e-mail to rent@4seasons-car-rental.com

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